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With attractive interest rates & flexible repayment options, Unsecured Business Loans to MSMEs who wish to scale up and to grow their


business.We understand your needs for urgent finance and hence provide you the Digital Lending platform where you can fill the application form


within a minute &get funds in just 2 working days.


For entrepreneurs across industries who have the vision to expand small business to large enterprises).


  • Term Finance

  • Merchant cash advance

  • School finance Collage finance

  • Doctor Loan

  • Proprietor Loan

  • Franchise Finance

  • Pay Later Finance (for retailers using credit/debit swipe machine (POS))

  • Supply chain finance

  • Online seller finance

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Financial Reports

Term Finance


Source of finance available for

the mid term of 3-5yrs, or

to purchase large fixed assets.

Credit Card

Merchant Cash Advance

Structured as a lump-sum

payment to a business in

exchange for an agreed upon

% of future credit or Debit card.

School & College Finance

To evaluate financial investment decision & to plan for the future growth of an organisation.

College Campus

Doctor Loan

Our schemes are perfect for

expanding scale of operations,

provide better treatment facilities, raise the level of service.

Confident Female Doctor

Propreitor Loans


A business that legally has no separate existence from its owner. Income and losses are taxed on the individual's personal income tax return.

It simply refers to a person who owns the business and is personally responsible for its debts.


Franchise Finance

used to purchase a franchise license, which allows the franchisee to either:

sell a product or provide a service under the name of the franchisor in exchange for startup and annual licensing fee.

Beauty Products

Pay Later Finance

(for retailers using credit/debit swipe machine (POS))

customers can buy products

and then defer repayment for a

specified number of months without incurring any interest charges. 

Paying with a Phone
Packaging Factory

Supply Chain Finance

allows a supplier to sell its invoices to a bank at a discount That allows the

buyer to pay later and the supplier to secure its money earlier as soon as they are approved by the buyer.

Shipping Boxes

Online seller finance


The seller gives a loan to the

purchaser of the business that

covers some of the purchase

price loan.

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